Payment and billing

Payment and billing menu item

To access the Payment and billing page, click on the organization name in the top right of the navigation bar and then click on Payment and billing.

The Payment and billing page shows you:

  • your usage for the current month
  • the date for your next invoice
  • the payment method on the account
  • a cost breakdown for cloud storage, cloud data upload, cloud data egress, remote control, and standard compute costs
  • all your monthly invoices

Payment and billing overview

Download an invoice

You can view all your monthly invoices for your organization in the Invoices section of the Payments & Billing page. To download an invoice for a month click on Download (PDF) next to the relevant month.


For questions about your bill, email You can expect a response within 1–3 business days.

Access billing information programmatically

The billing client API supports the following methods to retrieve billing information from the Viam app:

Method NameDescription
GetCurrentMonthUsageAccess data usage information for the current month for a given organization.
GetInvoicePdfAccess invoice PDF data and optionally save it to a provided file path.
GetInvoicesSummaryAccess total outstanding balance plus invoice summaries for a given org.
GetOrgBillingInformationAccess billing information (payment method, billing tier, etc.) for a given org.

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