Use the Micro-RDK for Microcontrollers

The micro-RDK is a lightweight version of the Robot Development Kit (RDK) which can run on resource-limited embedded systems that cannot run the fully-featured viam-server.

The only microcontroller the micro-RDK currently supports is the ESP32.

Client API usage with the micro-RDK currently supports the following resources:

Click on each supported resource to see supported models, API methods, and configuration info.

See GitHub for code examples and more information on the micro-RDK.

Hardware requirements

You need an Espressif ESP32 microcontroller to use the micro-RDK. Viam recommends purchasing the ESP32 with a development board. The following ESP32 microcontrollers are supported:

Your microcontroller should have at least the following resources available to work with the micro-RDK:

  • 2 Cores + 384kB SRAM + 2MB PSRAM + 4MB Flash

Next steps