Configure a pca9685 board

Configure a pca9685 board to integrate a PCA9685 Arduino I2C Interface into your robot:

Navigate to the Config tab of your robot’s page in the Viam app. Click on the Components subtab and click Create component. Select the board type, then select the pca9685 model. Enter a name for your board and click Create.

An example configuration for a pca9685 board in the Viam app Config Builder.

Copy and paste the following attribute template into your board’s Attributes box. Then remove and fill in the attributes as applicable to your board, according to the table below.

  "i2c_bus": “<bus-identifier>”,
  "i2c_address": <int>
  "i2c_bus": “1”
  "components": [
      "name": "<your-pca9685-board-name>",
      "model": "pca9685",
      "type": "board",
      "namespace": "rdk",
      "attributes": {
        "i2c_bus": “<string>”,
        "i2c_address": <int>
      "depends_on": []

The following attributes are available for pca9685 boards:

i2c_busstringRequiredThe index of the I2C bus on the board with GPIO pins your pca9685 is connected to. Often a number.
Example: ”1”
i2c_addressintOptionalThe PCA9685’s unique I2C address.

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