Configure a Velodyne Camera

A velodyne camera uses Velodyne lidar. The velodyne must be running locally at address

Navigate to the Config tab of your machine’s page in the Viam app. Click on the Components subtab and click Create component. Select the camera type, then select the velodyne model. Enter a name for your camera and click Create.

Configuration of a velodyne camera in the Viam app config builder.

Edit and fill in the attributes as applicable.

  "name": "<your-camera-name>",
  "model": "velodyne",
  "type": "camera",
  "namespace": "rdk",
  "attributes": {
    "port": <int>,
    "ttl_ms": <int>,

The following attributes are available for velodyne cameras:

portintRequiredThe port the Velodyne camera is running on. Try 2368 if you are unsure.
ttl_msintRequiredFrequency in milliseconds to output the TTL signal from the camera.

View the camera stream

Once your camera is configured and connected, go to the Control tab, and click on the camera’s dropdown menu. Then toggle the camera or the Point Cloud Data view to ON. If everything is configured correctly, you will see the live video feed from your camera. You can change the refresh frequency as needed to change bandwidth.

Example Camera view inside Viam app

Next steps

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