Configure a Fake Generic Component

Configure a fake generic component to test implementing a generic component on your machine without any physical hardware:

Navigate to the CONFIGURE tab of your machine’s page in the Viam app. Click the + icon next to your machine part in the left-hand menu and select Component. Select the generic type, then select the fake model. Enter a name or use the suggested name for your generic component and click Create.

An example configuration for a fake generic component in the Viam app Config Builder.

  "name": "<your-fake-generic-component-name>",
  "model": "fake",
  "type": "generic",
  "namespace": "rdk",
  "attributes": {}

No attributes are available for the fake generic component. See GitHub for API call return specifications.

Test the generic component

After you configure your generic component, navigate to the CONTROL tab and select the dropdown panel dedicated to the generic component. Use the card to send arbitrary commands to the resource with DoCommand().

The generic component in the control tab.

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