Configure a power_ina219 Sensor

Configure a power_ina219 sensor to integrate a INA219 current sensor into your robot:

Navigate to the Config tab of your robot’s page in the Viam app. Click on the Components subtab and navigate to the Create component menu. Enter a name for your sensor, select the type sensor, and select the power_ina219 model.

Click Create component.

Creation of a power_ina219 sensor in the Viam app config builder.

Edit and fill in the attributes as applicable.

  "components": [
      "name": "<your-power_ina219-sensor-name>",
      "type": "sensor",
      "model": "power_ina219",
      "attributes": {
        "board": "<your-board-name>",
        "i2c_bus": "<your-i2c-bus-name-on-board>"
      "depends_on": []

The following attributes are available for power_ina219 sensors:

boardstringRequiredThe name of the board the sensor is wired to.
i2c_busstringRequiredThe name of the I2C bus on the board that the sensor is wired to.
i2c_addressstringOptionalDefault: 0x40. The I2C device address of the sensor.

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