Try Viam

Viam is a general smart machine platform that can run on any hardware. The easiest way to try Viam is to rent and remotely configure and control a Viam Rover located on-site at Viam in New York:

ALT 1. Click on TRY in Viam

Log into the Viam app and go to the TRY tab. Don’t have a Viam account? Follow the instructions to sign up for an account.

ALT 2. Reserve your slot

If no one’s using a Viam Rover, you’ll take over immediately. Otherwise, you’ll see an estimated time for the next slot, and we’ll send you an email when it’s your turn. See detailed instructions.

ALT 3. Get started with Viam

Try a Viam Rover in our robotics lab. Control, drive, or program the rover to see how you can build a machine with Viam. You can also try services like computer vision.

Next steps