The micro-RDK is a lightweight version of the Robot Development Kit (RDK) which can run on resource-limited embedded systems.

The only microcontroller the micro-RDK currently supports is the ESP32.

To use Viam on a microcontroller, you need to both:

  • Run the micro-RDK on your microcontroller
  • Run the full-featured viam-server on another machine

To run both the micro-RDK and viam-server, you currently need two robots: one controlling robot which runs viam-server and a worker robot which runs the micro-RDK on your microcontroller. This second “robot” can be as simple as an instance of viam-server running on your development machine.

The control robot runs viam-server and connects to the microcontroller which runs the micro-RDK

The micro-RDK currently only supports:

  • GPIO pins
  • Analog readers
  • Motors
  • Encoders

See GitHub for code examples and more information about the micro-RDK.

Next steps

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