View and Filter Data

After the data management service synchronizes the uploaded data in Viam, you can view it on the DATA page in the Viam cloud.

Images, files, and sensors tabs

The DATA page shows data about:

  • Images: PNG or JPEG files
  • Files: binary data like point cloud data
  • Sensors: tabular sensor counts (like gantry position)

If you click on an image or a file, a Details panel appears on the right with capture metadata.

Data view with an image selected

Filter Data

On the DATA page in the Viam app, you can filter data in the left Filtering panel.

For example, if you specify Rover Rental for location and click SEARCH, you can see all data captured on robots that belong to your Rover Rental location.

Delete Data

You can delete image or file data from the Viam app. To delete image data, click on an image in the Images subtab and click on DELETE SELECTED. To delete a file, click on the file in the Files subtab and click the Delete icon.

To delete all image, file, or sensor data respectively, click on DELETE ALL in the top right corner.

Data view with no image selected showing the Delete all button

You can also delete data using the Viam CLI.

Next Steps

To export your captured data from the cloud, see Export Data.

You can use cloud image data to train machine learning models within Viam.

For a comprehensive tutorial on data management, see Intro to Data Management.

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