Train a Model

You can tag images collected by robots and use the labeled data to train a Single Label or Multi Label image classification model within Viam.

Label a dataset

To label a dataset, go to the DATA tab in the Viam app.

Add new model menu

On the Images subtab, you can filter available images, using the Filtering menu and select the attributes that match where, how, and when the data was collected.

If you would like to create a model that identifies an image of a star in a set of images, tag each image with a star with a star tag.

You can also optionally tag images without a star with a notstar tag. This allows you to filter down the data in your dataset further by adding the explicit tags as a filter, for example star and notstar.

To tag an image, click on the image. More information about the image will open up to the right side, including Tags.

Information view of an image

Click on the Tags dropdown and create a new tag or select an existing tag to apply it to the image.

Image tag menu

Repeat this with all images in your dataset.

Train a model

When you’ve tagged all the images click on the TRAIN MODEL button in the top right corner.

Train model button

A Training side menu opens. The model that you configure to be training will train on all images part of the current filter.

  1. Select New Model.
  2. Specify a Model Name.
  3. Select a Classification Type:
    • Single Label: predicts one label per image
    • Multi Label: predicts multiple labels per image
  4. Select one or more tags to train on. The selected tags will be the possible tags the model predicts for a given image.
    • If you selected Single Label, the model will predict one of these labels or UNKNOWN.
    • If you selected Multi Label, the model can predict one or more labels for each image.
  5. Click TRAIN MODEL

Train model menu

The model now starts training and you can follow its process in the Training section of the Models page.

Once the model has finished training, it becomes visible in the Models section of the page.

The trained model

Train a new version of a model

If you deploy a model to a robot, Viam automatically assumes that this is the latest version of the model and that you would always like to deploy the latest version of the model to the robot. If you train a new version of that model, Viam will automatically deploy the new version to the robot and replace the old version.

If you do not want Viam to automatically deploy the latest version of the model, you can change packages configuration in the Raw JSON robot configuration.

You can get the version number from a specific model version by clicking on COPY on the model on the model page. The model package config looks like this:


Next Steps

To deploy your model to your robot, see deploy model.

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