Upload a Model

On the DATA tab in the Viam app, navigate to the Models subtab.

Add new model

To add a new model:

  1. Specify a Name for the model.
  2. Add a .tflite model file.
  3. Add a .txt label file.
  4. Click CREATE MODEL.

The model now starts training and you can follow its process in the Training section of the page.

Once the model has finished training, it becomes visible in the Models section of the page.

The trained model

Upload a new version of a model

If you deploy a model to a robot, Viam automatically assumes that this is the latest version of the model and that you would always like to deploy the latest version of the model to the robot. If you upload a new version of that model, Viam will automatically deploy the new version to the robot and replace the old version.

If you do not want Viam to automatically deploy the latest version of the model, you can change packages configuration in the Raw JSON robot configuration.

You can get the version number from a specific model version by clicking on COPY on the model on the model page. The model package config looks like this:

  "package": "<model_id>/allblack",
  "version": "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS",
  "name": "<model_name>"

Next Steps

To deploy your model to your robot, see deploy model.

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