Export data from Viam's data platform

Prior to exporting data for the first time, verify that Go is installed. Then, to export data:

  1. Install the Viam CLI and authenticate.

  2. Below the SEARCH button in the FILTERING panel, click COPY EXPORT COMMAND to copy the export command to the clipboard.

  3. Paste the command into your terminal and press Enter. While the default command exports data to the directory location specified by the --destination=. flag, you can also specify an absolute directory path.

    The following command downloads all image data from December 2022 to /tmp/dec22_robot. The image data to /tmp/dec22_robot/data and capture metadata to /tmp/dec22_robot/metadata

    viam data export \
    --component_type=camera \
    --org_ids=1cewfi124ewff \
    --data_type=binary \
    --mime_types=image/jpeg,image/png \
    --start=2022-12-01T05:00:00.000Z \
    --end=2023-01-01T05:00:00.000Z \

You can see more information about exporting data in the Viam CLI documentation.