Try Viam

Viam is a general robotics platform that can run on any hardware. The easiest way to try Viam is to rent and remotely configure and control a Viam Rover located on-site at Viam in New York:

Get started with Viam

During your rover rental, you can try out some of the Viam platform functionality:

  • Drive the rover from wherever you are
  • Use services like computer vision to identify colors and objects
  • Explore the configuration and control interface for the rover’s sensors and actuators in the Viam app
  • Write code to control the rover

Control your rover with SDKs

If you want to control and automate your rover with Python or Go, use the Viam SDKs.

Viam also exposes a gRPC API for robot controls.

Both the API and the SDKs support WebRTC. The SDKs provide a wrapper around the viam-server gRPC API and streamline connection, authentication, and encryption against a server.

Next steps

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