Collect and view sensor data from any machines

You can use the data management service to capture sensor data from any or all of your machines and sync that data to the cloud. For example, you can configure data capture for several sensors across one or multiple machines to report the current memory usage or the ambient operating temperature.

You can do all of this using the Viam app user interface. You will not need to write any code.


A running machine connected to the Viam app. Click to see instructions.
Add a new machine in the Viam app. Then follow the setup instructions to install viam-server on the computer you’re using for your project and connect to the Viam app. Wait until your machine has successfully connected.
At least one configured sensor. Click to see instructions.

Navigate to the CONFIGURE tab of your machine’s page in the Viam app. Click the + icon next to your machine part in the left-hand menu and select Component. Then find and add a sensor model that supports your sensor.

If you’re not sure which sensor model to choose, start with the viam:viam-sensor:telegrafsensor which captures performance data (CPU, memory usage, and more) from your machine.

Gather and sync data

Viam’s data management service lets you capture data locally from sensors and then sync it to the cloud where you can access all data across different machines or locations.

Configure the data management service

1. Add the data management service

Navigate to the CONFIGURE tab of your machine’s page in the Viam app. Click the + icon next to your machine part in the left-hand menu and select Service. Then add the data management service.

Enable Syncing to ensure captured data is synced to the cloud and set the sync interval, for example to 0.05 minutes to sync every 3 seconds.

configure a camera component

2. Capture data from sensor

On the CONFIGURE tab, go to the sensor’s card and find the Data capture section. Add a new method, Readings, to capture data for and set the frequency. For example, setting a frequency of 0.1 will capture data once every ten seconds.

Train models

3. Save to start capturing

Save the config. With cloud sync enabled, captured data is automatically uploaded to the Viam app after a short delay.

View sensor data

Capture tabular data from a sensor

1. View data in the Viam app

To confirm data is being synced, go to the DATA tab and select the Sensors subtab. Confirm that you are seeing data appear.

Sensor data tab

Next steps

Now that you have collected sensor data, you can query it, access it programmatically or visualize it with third-party tools.

To see sensor data in action, check out this tutorial:

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