Capture and sync image data

You can use the data management service to capture images from a camera on your machine and sync those images to the cloud. Once you have synced your images, you can view them in the Viam app, filter your images using common search criteria, or export them to other machines.

For example, you might add the data management service to multiple machines to be able to sync captured images from each of them to the Viam app so that you can search across all images from one interface.

configure a camera component 1. Configure a camera

First, create a machine if you haven't yet.

Then add a camera component, such as a webcam.

Collect data 2. Configure the data management service

Next, add the data management service to be able to configure how your camera captures and stores images.

Then configure data capture and cloud sync.

Collect data 3. Capture data

With data management configured, capture image data from a camera on your machine. Captured data is automatically synced to the cloud after a short delay.

Train models 4. View data in the Viam app

Once you have synced images, you can view those images in the Viam app from the Data tab.

Train models 5. Filter data by common search criteria

You can filter synced images in the Viam app using the Filtering menu under the Data tab in the Viam app, using search criteria such as machine name, location, date range, or component name.

Train models 6. Export data

You can also export your data from the Viam app to a deployed machine, or to any computer.

Next steps

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