Manage a fleet of machines

You can use Viam’s cloud-based fleet management tools to monitor and manage access to your fleet of smart machines. Use these tools as you create and scale a new fleet of smart machines, or integrate Viam to manage and add functionality like data management to your existing fleet.

For example, you might have 30 robots in one warehouse and 500 in another. You can monitor and teleoperate all of the robots from one online dashboard, and grant permission to other users to do the same. You can grant users different levels of access to individual machines or to groups of machines.

Viam app signup screen

1. Create an account

Go to the Viam app and sign up with Google, GitHub, Apple, or an email address.

Two locations within an organization

2. Create organizations and locations

Use organizations, and locations within them, to organize your machines into groups and manage user access.

Limit user access

3. Invite other users and assign permissions

Invite other users to an organization or a location to share access to the machines within it. Assign each user a role (owner or operator) to manage permissions.

Create a new machine in the Viam app

4. Connect machines to the cloud

Users with access to a location can create and collaborate on the machines within it. When you install viam-server on each machine, unique keys are generated to securely connect it to the Viam app. Use the config builder interface to configure components and services for new or existing smart machines. You can use fragments to streamline the process of configuring multiple similar machines.

Machine last online status indicator in the Viam app.

5. Monitor your fleet

Using the Viam app, you can:

  • Monitor the status of each machine from its LOGS tab.
  • View any data captured by your fleet from the Data tab.
  • Operate machines remotely from the CONTROL tab.

Use modules to deploy code to your fleet and manage versioning.

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