Teleoperate and navigate rovers

If you have a rover base, you can use Viam to teleoperate it and to navigate autonomously. Once you have configured your machine, you can remotely control your machine on the app’s CONTROL tab, and set up autonomous navigation with the navigation service.

Base control card

1. Teleoperate

You can remotely control your rover from anywhere through the Viam app. Create an account and add a machine, install viam-server, and configure your rover base. Then, go to the CONTROL tab and access a remote control card for your base, with an interface for controlling speed, direction, and power. You can also view live feeds from any cameras you configure.

Base remote control service icon.

2. Program to move

Remotely control your rover base programmatically with a Viam SDK by making calls to the base API. Or, configure the base remote control service to teleoperate your base with an input controller.

Navigation icon.

3. Prepare your base to navigate

Configure a movement sensor as part of your machine to use navigation. Additionally, configure and calibrate the frame system for GPS navigation. Then, configure the navigation service on your machine.

Navigation map card

4. Navigate autonomously

Define a path for your rover to navigate with waypoints and obstacles. Then, start and stop your machine’s motion along the path and view your machine’s current location. You can use the map interface on the CONTROL tab or the navigation API.

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